America’s health care underclass, The Insurance Industry Victims

What exists now in the United States of America is is an underclass of people who are not able to access adequate medical health care despite in many cases paying for health insurance.

The insurance model in America being profit based is like any business, always looking for growth and always looking for improved profit margins.

This is a model that engages in brinkmanship with peoples health and lives. Overcomplicated administration riddled with gotchas and deductibles. Insurance companies will argue the efficacy of a treatment until you die. If it means not paying out. One of the biggest operators in the market is United Health Care. The ex head of United Health Care, Simon Stevens is now head of NHS England.

In the UK we have had an explosion in people not being able to afford to eat. With a failing and flawed social security system, not acting as a social safety net any more. Charity based Food banks have flourished in order to help hungry families.

We are looking at the same for health care. Imagine lining up in you local school car park in order to get your childrens teeth checked, or your babies asthma?

This is already happening in America and organisations are springing up across the USA in much the same way as food banks have in the UK to fill an unmet need.

Since 2012 the UK government no longer has a duty of care for health provision. Opening the doors to an American model.

This is not a fight to stop the privatisation of the NHS this is a fight to claw back our NHS which is already packaged and ready for offering at the profit alter of the FTSE and Dow Jones gods.

Watch the video to hear the experience of one American mother trying to look after her children’s health.

Find out more about one such operation Started by Philanthropist Stan Brock Providing in the field Healthcare.  Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps.

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