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Please contact us for further information and on how you can help.

Email More information about the NHS sell off and how you can get involved.
Help Spread the Message
You can now order a DVD of the film by making a suggestion donation of £6+, and then emailing your address to

THANKS for wanting to spread the word about Sell-Off and the abolition of the NHS. Our aim? That everyone in England will have seen, or at least heard of, the film by 7 May 2015, the date of the general election.

Tell us how you get on:


  • 1. Raise awareness
  • o Tell all your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, doctors about the film
    o Share the links on social media, subscribe to YouTube channel, like the Facebook page
    o Don’t be shy – most people care deeply about the NHS and will be interested
    o Ask people to donate on – this project is people-powered, not corporate

  • 2. Show the film
  • Home viewings
    o Invite your friends over for a Sell-Off party
    o Encourage each of them to take the Sell-Off pledge – to show it to 10 of their friends
    o What can we do? Share ideas with friends and on if you want to take action as a result of watching the film

    Public screenings
    o Find a venue – anywhere that has a screen and some chairs
    o Try arts cinemas, community centres, colleges, schools, pubs, social clubs, training centres, lidos, sports centres, town halls
    o Some organisations might offer the space for free
    o If you need to pay – ask for a local/ community discount
    o Take a collection to cover the screening costs a donation to the film production

The film: